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A group is typically a denomination of movement of churches that are affiliated. A group may be national or regional.

From 1 February.

If your church is part of a group, ensure the group is registered first.
If your church is independent, you may register.

If your church is part of a group, the group will be invoiced at the end of the month your church registers
If your church is independent, at the end of the month you register.

As many ways as you’re able to, for example:

  • weekly newsletters – online or hard copy
  • your church social media
  • in-person or video promotion at a weekend service
  • wall posters at your church building
  • flyers with QR code or weblink handed to people on their way out of the service

The survey can be completed from mid-April to end-July. As that date approaches, we’ll provide helpful promotional resources.

Three ways:

  • Smartphone – your church will have a QR code or weblink
  • Laptop or computer – your church will have a weblink
  • Hardcopy – your church will have a unique code

We’ll provide the QR code, weblink and unique code when your church registers. We’ll provide a file for you to print hardcopy surveys.

We know people are time-poor. However, this opportunity for church attenders to share information about themselves and their opinions only comes round every 5 years. It’s an opportunity for them to provide constructive feedback on your church life, your leadership, your community and their faith. Pitched well, to attenders who are invested in your church, many people will make time.
Yes, by negotiation. Bear in mind this will increase the amount of time to complete the survey.
Yes, online only. The survey is being translated to Māori, Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Chinese, Hindi, Tagalog, Korean and Tamil.
Other languages can be added if translators are available.

Surveys completed online are automatically uploaded to our database.

Surveys completed via pen & paper need to be manually entered to our database.
Your church can do that, or our team can do it for $1 per survey.

Surveys completed online are automatically uploaded to our database.
Identification such as an email address and a user chosen name may be required to complete the survey if the user decides to save the survey and complete it later.

Church results are accessed via a unique code. This is only given to the person registering that church.
This person has no access to any personal identification information.


Using your church unique code, the person registering your church will be able to access results. We’ll provide a simple guide to help interpret the results.

Your group averages.

By late 2023, you can benchmark to the national averages

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