Registrations for the 2023 Church Life Survey NZ are now closed.

The 2023 Church Life Survey NZ is a nationwide survey of church attenders. Every church across New Zealand is invited to take part. When your church does, you’ll invite all attenders to participate in a 10 to 15 minute survey on demographics, church life, community, faith, and leadership. Here’s the Draft Questionnaire.

The 2023 Church Life Survey NZ is administered by the Christian Research Association of NZ, in partnership with the Wilberforce Foundation and Auckland Church Network. Together, we have a desire to strengthen and support the Church across NZ by equipping leaders with high-quality research and data.


The 2023 Church Life Survey NZ is a strategic asset for every church, group or denomination, and the wider Church across NZ.

  • Most churches have significantly changed since the COVID pandemic.
    The Church Life Survey NZ provides a great opportunity to find out who is now part of your church and what their demographic profile is.

  • Many leaders want to listen to the opinions of attenders.
    The Church Life Survey NZ provides a great method for hearing all the voices in your church, including ones you may not otherwise be able to listen to.

  • Most leaders want to be informed in their decision making.
    The Church Life Survey NZ provides a robust evidence base on which to make decisions.

  • The health of our people is important – perhaps more than ever.
    The Church Life Survey NZ provides a snapshot of the spiritual health of your church.

  • Leaders who grow are leaders who seek out feedback on their leadership.
    The Church Life Survey NZ provides feedback on your leadership and the direction on your church.

  • Benchmarking your church against others is a healthy practice.
    The Church Life Survey NZ enables you to benchmark your scores against others in your group and across the nation.

  • You’re contributing to establishing a national picture of NZ church life.
    The Church Life Survey NZ provides meaningful information about the size and structure of the church in our nation.


The 2023 Church Life Survey will be open from May to November. Your church can participate at any time during these months.


Six simple steps:

  1. Register for the survey. Your church may register as part of a group (register your group) or an individual local church or parish. Once registered, you’ll receive further information about the survey.

  2. Promote the survey amongst your attenders.

  3. Attenders complete the survey on their smartphone via QR code, computer via weblink, or via pen & paper, using your church access code.

  4. Survey data is uploaded securely & confidentially. Automatic for a survey completed online; a manual process for a pen & paper survey.

  5. Access results. These are available online and via downloadable pdf as soon as data has been entered! Here are sample reports (Sample Reports).

  6. Analyse and discuss the results with your leaders. This is highly recommended for gaining the most value from the survey.

By late 2023, the Church Life Survey team will provide national-level results and reports to all participating groups and churches across NZ.


Your investment is just $60 for one local church or parish, with discounts reducing the cost for groups:

  • For the first 10 churches in your group = $60 per church
  • For the next 20 churches in your group (churches 11-30) = $40 per church
  • For the next 20 churches in your group (churches 31-50) = $30 per church
  • Above this, any additional church = $20
  • A local church or parish may register individual congregations at an additional cost of $10 per congregation
Sample Reports

Click here to view sample reports: Sample Reports

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